Wellington Teams For 2018 New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Relays Named

 The following teams have been selected to represent Wellington at the New Zealand Secondary Schools Cross Country Relays Championships.  Each team consists of 5 members, who must have competed in the races on Saturday, and each athlete completes 2 laps of a 1km lap, which leaves out most of the hilly sections of the course.

These are squads for each grade and the composition of teams and reserves could be subject to change following the individual races on Saturday 16th June, depending on how each athlete survives the races.

Year 9 Girls

Bianca Bailey (Wgtn East), Sarah Hay (St Marys), Maia Wilkinson (Wgtn East), Anna Bassett (Wgtn East), Edie Kozyniak (St Catherines).

Year 9 Boys

Thomas White (Wgtn Boys), Max Boennic (St Pats Town), Alex Martin (Wgtn Boys), Max Young (HIBS), Noah Abbott (Tawa).  Reserves Josh Timmer (St Pats Town) and Logan Stoupe (St Pats


Under 16 Girls

Hannah Evett (Wgtn Girls), Ruby Barton (Marsden), Maali Kyle-Ford (Wgtn East), Maia Holbert (Wgtn Girls), Jessica Hughes (Wgtn Girls).   Reserve Carly Smith (Wgtn Girls).

Under 16 Boys

Lochie Bruce (Wgtn Boys), Cameron Forsyth (St Bernards), Will Anthony (Scots), Jack Julian (Wgtn Boys), Felix Williamson (Wgtn Boys).  Reserves Henry Beliveau (Wgtn Boys) and Liam Wright (Tawa).

Senior Girls

Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan (Chilton), Lucy Hegan (Wgtn Girls), Kirstie Rae (Wgtn East), Jayme Maxwell (HVHS), Tessa Hunt (Wgtn East).   Reserves Esther Kozyniak (St Catherines) and Emma Douglass (Wgtn Girls).

Senior Boys

Liam Chesney (St Pats Town), Patrick White (Wgtn Boys), Max Karamanolis (St Pats Town), Matt Sutcliffe (Wgtn Boys), Dylan Lynch (Wgtn Boys).  Reserves  Toby Gualter (Tawa), Mason Waterworth (St Pats Town) and Jack Paine (Scots). We are considering entering a B team in this grade.

The following were not available for selection.

Katelyn Sceats (Chilton), Pippa Nicol (Qn Margarets), Sarah Kebbell (Qn Margarets), Maia Ramsden, Jonah Seeds (HIBS), Olaf Baker (Wgtn Boys), Finn Seeds (HIBS), Logan Slee (HIBS).


Information for team members and reserves is listed below.

VENUE Spa Park, Taupo. This is a spike course, normally with very good footing, and is fast, but undulating.

DATE Sunday 17th June 2018, following on from the NZSSXC events on Saturday 16th June.


9.30am for the 3 Girls grades – Year 9, Under 16 and Senior, with all teams starting at the same time.

10.30am for the 3 Boys grades – Year 9, Under 16 and Senior, with all teams starting at the same time.

The prizegiving for each race will be held at the venue soon after the last team has finished.