Galloway taking a more relaxed approach

Scott Galloway

is still playing squash – and still winning titles – but not with the same intensity.

Instead, his academic progress has become more of a priority and he has also taken the chance to spread his sporting interests, in his final year at school.

He played cricket and volleyball over the summer and will play hockey and badminton during the winter.

He had a top score of 42 for the Hutt Valley High School first XI in the premier one cricket competition and a strike rate of 130. “Being a squash player, I go out there and have a whack.”

Galloway played hockey at primary school and scored the winning goal for Wellington in the 2010 Curtis Cup final, when at Hutt Intermediate.

He made the Hutt Valley first XI squad as a year 9 but his squash commitments meant he had to stop playing.

 He has enjoyed being back in the team this year and has taken up badminton for the first time.

“I’m still busy but it’s been a change to do something other than squash.

 “I’m also looking at going into the Air Force or Navy and I need to focus on school and passing level III. I was away a lot last year and only just managed to scrape through.”

Galloway also found that squash had become more of a chore than a joy last year, as he prepared for the junior world championships.

 “I felt burnt out last year, leading up to the worlds. I think my game plateaued and I didn’t feel right.

“I think I needed a break. I went to my first nationals when I was eight and have basically been training since then.”

Galloway took a break from squash over the summer and while he is back playing tournaments again, he will be selective about his targets and is doing comparatively little training.

“I still want to win but will be tackling them on my owns terms and there has been less pressure on me.”

 Galloway also turned down the chance to be part of the 2015 national elite junior squad, which has been selected with the 2016 junior world championships in mind.

However, his squash sabbatical will not be permanent and he is keen to take part in the world champs next year.

“I’m not sure whether I will be able to get back in the New Zealand squad but if I don’t, I’m definitely going over as an individual. Next year will be my last junior year and I want to have a decent crack.”

Galloway, who played at No 1 for the New Zealand team at the 2014 world junior championships, has won numerous national age group titles and remains competitive at a top junior level.

He was runner-up at the national junior open last month and finished fourth at the Oceania championships the following weekend.

Since then, he has won the Wellington junior open and broke new ground last weekend, when he paired up with Wellington’s Corey Love to win the national senior doubles title, in Palmerston North.