Queen Margaret College Student Makes Two Rep Teams

A senior student at Queen Margaret College has proven her talent on the Hockey field this month after making not one, but two representative teams.

Year 13 student and captain of the Queen Margaret College Premier 1 First XI Hockey team and Capital Under 18 Women, Estelle Macadré has made both the Capital National Hockey League (NHL) women’s team and the Junior Black Sticks squad.

She has been playing hockey for Queen Margaret College since Year 1 and most recently led the First XI to their grade finals.

“It was a really big honour to be the captain of the Queen Margaret College First XI this year,” Estelle says.

“It was such an amazing experience to be given the opportunity to lead such a competent and talented group of girls to the final.”

She says she was excited to find out in August she had made the Junior Black Sticks squad for the second time, especially as she did not get the chance to play last year because the team did not have any fixtures.

“My main goal this year was to get into the Junior Black Sticks and I’d been working hard on it,” Estelle says.

“The Junior Black Sticks is an U19 squad so I’m playing with girls I know from all around the country.”

Estelle says her first chance to play with the Junior Black Sticks this season would be at a development camp in December.

She will play in the NHL tournament in September.

This is the first time Estelle has been part of the NHL squad and says she enjoys it because it gives her the chance to see and play with a lot of different experienced players, including current Black Sticks.

“There is a broad age range and skill set of people on the team, I am the only school girl,” she says.

Estelle says she plans to go to Victoria University and stay in Wellington next year to train with her high performance coaches to reach her goal of becoming a Black Stick.

“My older sister, Sophie Macadré, plays hockey for Michigan State University and originally I thought maybe I would try to get a scholarship to go to the USA too but once I got my first selection into the Junior Black Sticks I decided I really wanted to be a Black Stick.

“I will miss playing for Queen Margaret College very much but am excited to see where my hockey goes from here.”


Article courtesy of Queen Margaret College, photo supplied by Woolf Photography