Law & Rule Trials – 2018 Rugby

Click image to download the 2018 Laws of the Game Rugby Union

Please download the summary document of the 2018 Rugby Union Law Trials that are currently been used this season.  Most of these were applicable to rugby in NZ throughout the 2017 season.  There are some additional trials implemented as of 1st January 2018, which are listed first in the document.

Also, World Rugby has made it clear that the changes (2017) associated with the ‘ball in touch’ around the touchline, are also applicable to:

  • The touch-in-goal line
  • The dead-ball line
  • The goal line
  • The 22m line

Some significant points:

  • The halfback is NOT required to wait for a signal (wave/touch) from the referee to feed the ball into a scrum
  • At a tackle, the tackler must get to his/her feet and can only enter the tackle through their ‘gate’
  • A ruck is formed by having ONE player (from either team) on their feet and over the ball at a tackle
    • The first player, on their feet, forms the ruck
    • The first player IS entitled to play the ball with his/her hands to try and claim possession
  • You can’t kick the ball forward out of a ruck.  It must be hooked, with the foot, backwards

Any questions, please contact:

David Walsh

Referee Education Officer (Wairarapa-Bush and Wellington) 


021 898 098.