Top service – Tireque Malila (Naenae College)

Tireque Malila won the Hutt City Sports Awards Youth Volunteer of the Year accolade last Thursday night. His prize is a conspicuous new part of the family furniture.

“My parents put it beside the door so when people come inside they see it and talk about it,” Malila laughs.

The Year 13 student from Naenae College doesn’t have much time for talking. The dedicated sportsman and leader represents his school in First XV rugby and First XIII league as a centre.

Additionally he is a member of the top touch, athletics and volleyball outfits, coaching and umpiring juniors in the latter code. A member of the Ignite Sport Leaders Programme, Malila was nominated for College Sport Wellington Coach of the Year last year.

Why does Malila donate so much time to sport?

“I don’t want to disappoint my parents by doing nothing. I like to help people,” Malila responds.

Malila is especially proud of the fact he helped both the senior and junior volleyball teams at Naenae reach the Premier grade. Malila used some of the lessons of playing to assist the juniors.

“In the senior team there was some negative energy because we didn’t communicate very well. When I’m coaching the juniors and we have a player who isn’t very good at a skill, I bring in the whole team and we try and support each other together,” Malia reveals.

Malia commands respect not tolerating slackers.

“We had one boy who was quite good not turning up to school. I didn’t want to kick him off the team, but I explained to him if he didn’t turn up he would have to wait his turn.”

Yvonne Manuel is the sports coordinator at Naenae College and greatly appreciates the contribution to the school Malia makes.

“Tireque has been coaching for three years. He’s gained valuable knowledge from Nic Richards (principal and NZ volleyball coach) and is able to pass his knowledge on to the junior boys.  This keeps volleyball strong at Naenae.  Tireque commits hours to developing these young boys.  He is also responsible for the pastoral care of the players and transportation,” Manuel acclaims.

It was a triumphant night for Naenae College n Thursday, with Valerie Taito nominated in the same category for her service to girls netball and volleyball. White Sox Denva Shaw-Tait, winner of the Young Sportswomen of the year, spent two years at Naenae College while former students Kat Whata-Simpkins, Lara Andrews and Kiri Shaw were all up for awards with the former acknowledged for her feats in rugby.

Malila aspires to join the police force and would like to carry on supporting Naenae College upon leaving at the end of the year.

– Article courtesy of College Sport Media

Photo credit: Masanori Udagawa