Five records broken at CSW Individual Swimming Championships

There were five records broken by two individual swimmers at the CSW Swimming Championships last week. Chelsey Edwards broke three and Max Drummond two. We caught up with Max this week.

A recent move to the Capital Swim Club to train with friends and a group of older elite swimmers is paying dividends for Hutt International Boys School year 11 swimmer Max Drummond.

Max was the outstanding junior swimmer at the College Sport Wellington meet, winning three races and setting two records.   “At the moment I am training under Gary Hollywood at Capital Swim Club in town.  I train with Lewis Clareburt [College Sport Wellington’s Athlete of the Year last year and Commonwealth Games medallist] and others such as Wellington College swimmers Atakura Julian and Tom Watkins,” he said. “Everything is a competition and we get on well, and that and the high performance environment is helping me.”

The two events he won and set records in last week were in his two main strokes, the U15 Boys 100m Freestyle and the U15 100m Backstroke.   He also won the 50m backstroke and finished second in the 100m IM, 200m Freestyle races in his age-group.   In total, there were five records broken at the CSW meet at Naenae Pool, with Chilton St James swimmer Chelsea Edwards setting the other three. Edwards set new marks in the Girls 15 and Over 50m Butterfly and 100m and 200m Freestyle races.   In the two events that Max broke records in, he won the 100m Freestyle in 55.94s, with William Lambie of Scots College recording the second fastest time and HIBS teammate Ashley Boag the third. He won the 100m Backstroke ahead of Alex Esposito of St Pat’s Town and Maxwell Sheppard-Morrison of Wellington College.

His winning times would have placed him third just behind senior winner Atakura Julian in the 100m Freestyle and second a nose behind senior winner Tom Watkins in the 100m Backstroke.   Max’s winning times in these two events weren’t personal bests, but they were close to previous best marks. “Everyone in Wellington is quick, so this meet last week is a good competition and a good way to put my training into practice,” Max said.  The College Sport Wellington meet only lasts a day, so there is just one race per swimmer per event. “I did five races that day. Usually at a normal meet like that you just do two or three, so it is very tiring at the end.”

What is coming up?
“The next meet is the Wellington Championships in September and then the New Zealand Short Course Championships in early October in Auckland, and that is the main one I am going for.”  He also hopes to compete in the New Zealand Secondary School Swimming Championships, which are in Wellington this year in mid-September. He won a handful of medals at the schools meet last year, which is primarily a team’s event not an individual one.   As it suggests, the short course championships are in a 25m pool, which means more turns – something that Max is working on in training.

 How often is Max training?
“When I am in hard-core training mode I do seven pool and two gym sessions a week.” Each pool session is two hour, so that’s 15 hours in the pool week and about 20 hours overall.”  He also thanks his parents for driving him into town daily to train, while his younger sister [year 8] also swims and trains in Porirua under Ben Walsh, where Max used to swim before his move to the Capital Swimming squad.  Competitive swimming is Max’s sole focus, but up until this year he played underwater hockey and rugby. He used to play flanker for the Upper Hutt Junior Club and for HIBS when he started secondary school.   He has been swimming all his life. “It was about seven or eight when we had our primary school swimming and I won everything. So I joined a club and started from there.”


U15 Girls 100 Individual MedleyChelsey EdwardsChilton St James1.06.112016
U15 Girls 100 BreaststrokeJulia BorlaseWellington Girls’1.17.202017
U15 Girls 50 ButterflyChelsey EdwardsChilton St James29.072016
U15 Girls 100 FreestyleChelsey EdwardsChilton St James58.312016
U15 Girls 50 BackstrokeStevie ShipmanKapiti College30.852017
U15 Girls 200 FreestyleChelsey EdwardsChilton St James2.08.012016
U15 Girls 50 BreaststrokeScarlett TaconWellington East35.992012
U15 Girls 100 ButterflyGeorgia MoreSacred Heart1.06.522017
U15 Girls 100 BackstrokeMacy BurnsWellington East1.06.382014
U15 Girls 50 FreestyleChelsey EdwardsChilton St James26.252016
15&O Girls 100 Individual MedleyChelsey EdwardsChilton St James1.05.562017
15&O Girls 100 BreaststrokeBryony ThorneChilton St James1.15.262013
15&O Girls 50 ButterflyChelsey EdwardsChilton St James28.982018
15&O Girls 100 FreestyleChelsey EdwardsChilton St James56.702018
15&O Girls 50 BackstrokeSarah O’ConnorWellington Girls’30.692016
15&O Girls 200 FreestyleChelsey EdwardsChilton St James2.04.032018
15&O Girls 50 BreaststrokeMaggie BurnsSamuel Marsden34.972014
15&O Girls 100 ButterflyScarlett TaconWellington East1.04.212014
15&O Girls 100 BackstrokeSarah O’ConnorWellington Girls’1.05.062016
15&O Girls 50 FreestyleChelsey EdwardsChilton St James26.242017
U15 Boys 100 Individual MedleyBen WalshTawa College1.00.372012
U15 Boys 100 BreaststrokeBen WalshTawa College1.06.502012
U15 Boys 50 ButterflyCameron JonesWellington College26.452011
U15 Boys 100 FreestyleMax DrummondHutt International55.942018
U15 Boys 50 BackstrokeBen WalshTawa College27.792012
U15 Boys 200 FreestyleDevlin ForsytheWellington College2.00.502013
U15 Boys 50 BreaststrokeBen WalshTawa College30.832012
U15 Boys 100 ButterflyCameron JonesWellington College58.642011
U15 Boys 100 BackstrokeMax DrummondHutt International1.01.232018
U15 Boys 50 FreestyleCameron JonesWellington College24.182011
15&O Boys 100 Individual MedleyBen WalshTawa College58.312013
15&O Boys 100 BreaststrokeBen WalshTawa College1.03.092014
15&O Boys 50 ButterflyBen WalshTawa College26.182013
15&O Boys 100 FreestyleKyle BarnesTawa College53.172012
15&O Boys 50 BackstrokeOliver WyethWellington College27.352012
15&O Boys 200 FreestyleTed TaylorWellington College1.54.522012
15&O Boys 50 BreaststrokeBen WalshTawa College29.432014
15&O Boys 100 ButterflyTed TaylorWellington College58.642012
15&O Boys 100 BackstrokeOliver WyethWellington College58.472012
15&O Boys 50 FreestyleBen WalshTawa College24.022014


Article courtesy of College Sport Media