Junior Have-A-Go Waka Ama 2018

This is the first time Hoe Tonga are hosting an event that specifically targets intermediate aged (year 7 and 8) and junior (year 9 and 10) secondary school students.  This event is to introduce students to Waka Ama before moving on to secondary school competitions in the following year.

The event will include a brief pre-race workshop which includes an introduction to Waka Ama and a land based tipping drill.  All teams must be at the workshop before racing.

Download the 2018 Junior Have-A-Go Waka Ama Event Information

  • Host: Hoe Tonga Pacifica Waka Ama Association
  • Venue: Cog Park, Evans Bay Wellington
  • When: Saturday 8 December (Year 7 & 8)  and Sunday 9 December (year 9 & 10)
  • Distance: W6 1km, W6 2km
  • Divisions: Intermediate (Year 7 & 8) and Junior (Year 9 & 10)

This event is open to all schools with students in years 7-10

Entries close Sunday 2nd December.  Please check with your schools Sports Coordinator.

Roster Closes Tuesday 4th December