Wellington Secondary Schools Cross-Country Relay Teams Selected

Thank you to all athletes who expressed interest to represent Wellington at the NZ SS Cross Country Championship Relays to be held 16 June in Timaru.

The selected teams are as follows (in running order):

Senior Boys No 1 team   –   Jack Paine (SCOT), Finbar Chesney (SPTW), Will Anthony (SCOT), Thomas Strawbridge (SPTS), Finn Seeds (HTIB)

Senior Boys No 2 team   –   Jamie Barnes (WLCO), Henry Beliveau (WLCO), Felix Williamson (WLCO), Callum Hancock (SCOT), Sam Argyle-Wright (TAWA).  Reserves  Cameron Forsyth (STBN), Mason Waterworth (SPTW)

Senior Girls No 1 team   –   Amy Walker (WLGC), Emma Douglass (WLGC), Kirstie Rae (WEGC), Maali Kyle-Ford (WEGC), Esther Kozyniak (STCA)

Senior Girls No 2 team   –   Saskia Cosgrove-Drayton (WEGC), Charlotte Floodsmith-Ryan (CHIL), Jessica Hughes (WLGC), Maia Holbert (WLGC), Carly Smith (WLGC)

Under 16 Boys No 1 team   –   Alex Martin (WLCO), Noah Abbott (TAWA), Liam Wright (TAWA), Jack Julian (WLCO), Jonah Seeds (HTIB)

Under 16 Boys No 2 team   –   Thomas White (WLCO), Finlay Hagen (WLCO), Josh Hagen (WLCO), Savio Concessio (SPTW), Lucca Hornsby (WLCO)

Under 16 Girls  No 1 team   –   Ruby Barton (SAMU), Katelyn Sceats (WLGC), Maia Wilkinson (WEGC), Anna Bassett (WEGC), Edie Kozyniak (STCA)

Under 16 Girls No 2 team  –   Mackenzie Morgan (WEGC), Sarah Hay (STMW), Saskia Knox (SAMU), Hannah Evett (WLGC), Maeve O’Regan-Smith (WEGC)

Year 9 Boys   –   Harper Ubiaga (WLCO), Nathaniel Graham (STBN), Luca Evett (WLCO), Josh Jordan (SPTS), Max Poland (SPTS).  Reserve Nathan Butchard (WLCO), Connor Chesney (SPTW)

Year 9 Girls   –   Phoebe Squire (WEGC), Amy McHardy (WLGC), Eliza Squire (WEGC), Lucy Jurke (WLGC), Molly O’Sullivan (WLGC).  Reserves Helena Errington (WLGC),  Lila Cory (WLGC)

As mentioned before these relays will be held on Sunday 16th June at Ashbury Park, Timaru.  The girls relays will start at 9.30am. Teams consist of 5 athletes each completing 2 laps of the 1km course with all girls teams (Senior, U16 & Year 9) starting together.

Prizegiving for the girl’s grades will start at 10.15am.  The boys relays will start at 10.30am. Teams consist of 5 athletes each completing 2 laps of the 1km course with all boys teams (Senior, U16 & Year 9) starting together.  Prizegiving for the boys grades will start at 11.15am.

Final team lists must be submitted by 9.00am on Sunday, so each athlete is asked to confirm their participation with the team managers after their individual races on Saturday. Girls will have to check in with Chris and Anne Hare or Julie Richards, and Boys check in with John Cope or Nick Julian. Please make sure you do check in so that we are not having to look for replacements on the Sunday morning.

On arrival on Sunday, all team members need to check in with their Managers, to collect race numbers. Each athlete will have 2 numbers, one to be worn on the front of your vest and one on the back. You will also get a coloured ribbon which is to be pinned to the top of your shoulder of your vest, to denote your grade.

The required uniform is a Wellington vest and black shorts. Both Athletics Wellington vests and CSW vests are acceptable. If you do not have a Wellington vest, these can be ordered via this link https://athleticswellingtonshop.shopdesq.com at a cost of $40. Orders must be in by Friday 7th June.

Thank you again for all those who submitted EOIs, whether you were successful or not and all the best for our teams in Timaru.

Don Dalgliesh – CSW Selector