College Sport Wellington Stakeholder Update – 21 April 2020

Dear students, staff, family members, partners and supporters of College Sport Wellington,

Firstly we want to thank you for your patience and support over the past few weeks as we all adjusted to life in lockdown.  It has not been an easy set of circumstances and the sacrifices made by every New Zealander marks our country as a special place to be.  These sacrifices now appear to offer a hopeful way forward, as we seek to regain semblances of normality.

Following yesterday evening’s announcement that the country will move to Alert Level 3 on April 28, the team at College Sport Wellington are now working through various scenarios for its sporting calendar.  While it is naturally still too early to identify specific competition start dates, we can use the Alert Level Framework and expected timing of Government announcements to map out our decision making process in the coming months.  We are hopeful that if/when the Government announces a planned movement to Alert Level 2 on May 11, they will also signal its intended length.  On that basis College Sport Wellington can then establish a revised calendar of events and competitions, working within the guidelines of the Alert Level Framework.  This planning is naturally predicated on no surge in new cases and will follow the below principles:

  • Allow sufficient time for schools, students and volunteers to prepare for the season.
  • Work with our partner sports organisations and councils to ensure strong communication and alignment of planning.
  • Work with schools, councils and partner sports organisations to determine what the Alert Levels mean for both intra and inter school sport.
  • Factor Winter Tournament Week considerations into our planning, as updates become available.
  • Make full use of the time available in Term 3, including the final weekend.
  • A preference to finish the secondary school winter season at the end of Term 3 and not extend into Term 4.

Over the next few weeks we will be in regular contact with our member schools and partners, as we map out what the next few months look like.  As we move forward we will provide regular stakeholder updates, with the next scheduled to follow the May 11 announcement.

We hope everyone stays safe over the coming weeks, and please keep up the good work.

-The College Sport Wellington Team