Tell us what you think – College Sport Wellington Strategic Plan

Over the past several months College Sport Wellington have taken the opportunity to consider secondary school sport into the future, and how we can best serve our member schools and students.  The starting point for this work is to prepare a draft Strategic Plan for the period 2021-2025.  Out of that Strategic Plan we will then identify operational priorities that are important to our stakeholders, and develop a programme of initiatives to address these.  At the heart of this work has been an attempt by the CSW Strategic Review Committee to find the essence of what defines secondary school sport and makes it special.

The attached draft document has been prepared by the CSW Strategic Review Committee comprising:

  • Roger Wood (Sport NZ)
  • Garry Carnachan (School Sport NZ)
  • Mark Watson (Sport Wellington)
  • Julie Meiring and Nadine Stembridge (School Heads of Sport)
  • Gregor Fountain and Grant Jones (School Principals)
  • Will Caccia-Birch, Lisa Jones and Nigel Dixon (Regional Sports Organisations)
  • Bryan Dickinson (College Sport Wellington)

Following this initial work, the concepts and themes identified have been “road-tested” with our students, through a series of workshops.  Pleasingly, these student workshops have helped greatly to consolidate our thoughts and highlight some areas that had been underplayed.

Based on this, we now feel the time is right to seek wider stakeholder input into College Sport Wellington’s next Strategic Plan.  It is important that we have your buy-in to these concepts, so please take the time to consider what has been written and tell us what you think.

To do this, please complete our survey before Thursday, July 30;

Our thanks in advance for your input

College Sport Strategic Plan 2021-2025 draft