CSW Open Tennis Champs – Results

The CSW Open Tennis Champs took place on a grey day at the Renouf Centre.

Congratulations to our winners

Girls Singles Major Final: 

Jade Otway (Marsden) Beat Tuhina Sambhus (QMC) 4-0, 4-1

Girls Singles Consolation Final:

Ella Robertson (Marsden) Beat Olivia Milio (Wellington Girls) 4-1, 4-2

Boys Singles Major Final:

Henri Lyons (Well Col) Beat Tom Bevan (Well Col) 4-0, 4-2

Boys Singles Consolation Final:

Leo Evans (Onslow) Beat Aarav Balram (Well Col) 4-1, 4-0

Girls Doubles Major Final:

Alice Bolton & Faith Sadgrove (QMC) Beat Isabella Van Der Wilt & Maria Galatescu (QMC) 4-0, 4-0

Girls Doubles Consolation Final:

Amelia Cave & Alisa Elshout (Marsden) Beat Francesca Lyons & Lucy Skogstad (Wellington Easts) 4-0, 4-1


Thanks to Tennis Central for again hosting a  great event.

Photo credit to Photo Wellington