North Island Schools Cyclocross Champs

Cyclocross has been growing as a sport over the last few years, and a few weeks back over 60 young riders took part in the first of the Huttcross events, the same team running the Schools Cyclocross Champs.  The events are great fun with heaps of support, and the emphasis is very much on participation – there are no specific requirements about the type of bike being used at the Champs up to U17, while the only restriction in U20 is maximum tyre width of 40mm.

The first Schools Cycling Cyclocross Championships are being held this year, with the North Island Champs being held in Upper Hutt on July 24th.

For all information on the event and registration details head over to the Cycling NZ Schools site.

Check out the below videos to get a taste of this awesome event: