Rathkeale Resistance

Story courtesy of College Sport Media 


Even after two minutes it was apparent something unusual was brewing in the Trevor Rigby Cup Premier football match between reigning champions Scots College and visitors Rathkeale College.

The hosts goal was uprooted by the vile wind. It blew violently towards Monorgan Road. Rathkeale captain Joe Handiside observed:

“It took out our keeper Andrew Taylor. He was standing between the six yard and 18-yard area. Wow! They had to get some weights from the gym to fix down the goal. It took about five minutes to fix. I think the delay suited us. We were underdogs”

Soon Rathkele would score a goal.

“It was a tight game for 20 minutes. We got a corner and there was a good cross delivered. Ollie Vincent had a good run and got one in the bottom right hand corner. Unbelievable. We held on to halftime.

“We don’t go into any game thinking we’re going to lose, but I have to admit Scots are a formable side.”


“Our second half start wasn’t great, it sucked actually,” Handiside said.

Regrouping and facing the prospect of an 0-3 start in the competition, Rathkeale defined the conditions and pressed forward. What happened next was extraordinary.

“Luka Molnar scored. It was a bit of a blur to be honest but the ball curled into the top right corner of the net from about 20 yards.

“We had to defend really hard”.

Taylor was stretched but the keeper held firm.

“We’re a good side, we played hard and deserved it,” Handiside enthused.

Rathkeale won 2-1.

Handiside is typically a sturdy centre back. He was in the Rathkeale First XI that finished an impressive 15th at Nationals in 2019. The Scots result has earned Rathkeale a wild card for the same tourney later this year. Hamish Wareham who observers’ local football warned:

“I hate predictions, I really do, but status and headlines count for little at Nationals, it’s really about delivering on the day. If Rathkeale can repeat the same industry and talent they displayed against Scots they are capable of even bigger upsets at the business end of the season.”

This year is one of the more even in recent memory of the Trevor Rigby Cup. After 4 rounds 4 teams are on 9 points at the top. Wellington College, HIBS, Scots & Rongotai all share the same amount of points with Col being top due to goal difference.

Not far behind those teams are the impressive Onslow and the aforementioned Rathkeale both on 6 points. Rounding out the table are Wairarapa and St Pats Town who have both yet to register a point.

The competition will take a break in the middle week of the holidays and will resume on the 24th July.

Teams Played Win Draw Loss For Against Points
Well Coll 4 3 0 1 17 7 9
Hutt Internat 4 3 0 1 15 7 9
Scots 4 3 0 1 14 6 9
Rongotai 4 3 0 1 9 6 9
Onslow 4 2 0 2 17 9 6
Rathkeale 4 2 0 2 7 15 6
Wairarapa 4 0 0 4 3 11 0
St Pat’s Wgtn 4 0 0 4 2 23 0