A house divided – O’Donnell sister set to clash in final

Story courtesy of College Sport Media


“We’re quite different except we both play football. Typically it’s, ‘good game’ but if something dirty happens we’ll throw a hissy fit,” Eliza O’Donnell (Wellington Girls’ College) responds when asked what it’s like facing her younger sister, Scarlett O’Donnell (Onslow College).

On Wednesday night at Petone Memorial the two siblings will clash in the final of the Premier Girls First XI competition. Eliza (Year 12) is the heart of Wellington Girls’ defense, Scarlett (Year 10) a sprightly right winger for Onslow.

“I’m not that technical but I’m fast and play with a lot of energy. I’ll be looking to get past Eliza often,” Scarlett surmised of her game.

“I’m older and stronger, the last resort in defense. I replaced our star centre back this season. That’s been challenging, but enjoyable. It tends to be me that commits the ify fouls,” Eliza responded.

The contrast in styles makes for engrossing viewing.  Just last week the sisters marked each other and a tight tussle finished in a 1-1 draw. In an earlier meeting this season Wellington Girls’ won 1-0.

Eliza (Wellington Girls) body on the line in last weeks round robin clash with Onslow

Winning has been habitual at Wellington Girls.’ Eliza and her team are the four-time reigning champions – winning the title half a dozen times overall since 2000. Onslow has never tasted glory. What separates Wellington from the rest of the pack?

“We’ve got real good coaches and lots of experience. The girls have been playing with each other a long time and have built a lot of trust and loyalty,”  Eliza responded.

Why would Scarlett not want to be a part of that special culture?

“I had all my friends at Onslow. I wanted to do my own thing,” Scarlett answered.

Onslow have been on fire this season. They have scored more goals than any other team in the league and Golden Boot leader Olivia Ingham poses a serious threat.

“During lockdown we had group chat, fitness to do, and we’ve got a game plan which I won’t share that can win us the game,” Scarlett warned.

The final kicks-off at 7:15pm. The game will be livestreamed via the CSW Facebook page.

Did you know? Inghram was the golden boot winner last year with 15 goals. Maggie Jenkins with 13 goals in 2015 was the last Wellington Girls’ golden boot winner.