CSW Stakeholder Update, 8 February – School Events and Competitions Operating Under CPF Red

Dear students, staff, family members, partners and supporters of College Sport Wellington,

Over the past few weeks the team at College Sport Wellington have been working to determine what competitions/events can proceed under the Red setting of the COVID Protection Framework.  For secondary school sport this requires us to follow both the Ministry of Education and Sport New Zealand guidelines.  Clearly the arrival of the Omicron variant creates a fluid situation and we, like you, are keeping an eye on the developing situation.  With that in mind we are endeavouring to make our decisions in a timely manner without projecting too far ahead.  On that basis, we will look to follow the below timeline:

    • 8 February (today) – Decisions on February competitions and events to be communicated
    • 11 February – CSW Board meeting to consider extending the current vaccine mandate for the rest of  2022 (currently it is just for Term One)
    • 16 February – Decisions on March competitions and events to be communicated

We are also mindful that decisions around Summer Tournament Week are likely to be communicated by mid-February.  Beyond Summer Tournament Week we will assess the situation in due course, and remain hopeful that we can return to the Orange setting of the CPF in time for the commencement of winter sport.  In line with the above timeline, at this point CSW can advise the following:

February Events on the College Sport Wellington Calendar

Having considered the various activities on the CSW Calendar through February, and how they align with the CPF Red setting, we can confirm that the majority can proceed safely.  This is a result of putting into effect the vaccine mandate for all CSW sanctioned competitions and events, which therefore increases  our allowable gathering size from 25 to 100.  The only exception to this are a handful of events where the number of participants will be in excess of 100 and viable alternatives are not feasible.  On that basis, the following College Sport Wellington tournaments in February have been cancelled:

  • The Senior Ki o Rahi Tournament – scheduled for 17 February
  • The Senior Touch Tournament – scheduled for 24 February
  • The Open Softball Tournament – scheduled for 25 February

For these three sports there will instead be an emphasis upon weekly competitions where we are better able to limit gathering sizes below 100.  At this point, all other competitions and events will be proceeding as per the CSW Calendar.  Over the coming week we will now turn our attention to the March events and competitions, noting that this is a particularly busy month on the CSW Calendar.

No Spectators Allowed Under the Red Setting of the COVID Protection Framework

In line with the above decision, we need to be mindful of the 100 person gathering limit under the red setting of the CPF.  While we had hoped to dispense with the need for this policy via introduction of the vaccine mandate, unfortunately the red setting of the framework still requires caution around the size of gatherings.  Following feedback from our member schools and considering their capacity to manage gatherings, we have arrived at the decision to reintroduce a ‘No Spectators’ policy under the Red setting.  However, while this is a blanket policy, some schools may assess their own particular situation and decide they are capable of managing spectators appropriately.  In those situations the host school will advise the visiting school/team ahead of time.  We also note that our partner Councils have made their own decisions around spectators and many venues have put in place similar policies.  We ask that everyone respects the wishes of the venues (school, Council or otherwise) and abide by their decisions.

We thank you all for your continued support of secondary school sport.  As always we remain optimistic of retaining the majority of activities on the calendar and hope for a speedy return to the Orange setting of the CPF.

Kind Regards
College Sport Wellington