CSW Stakeholder Update, 25 February – Changes to COVID Protection Framework Rules for School Sport (Vaccine Passes and Gathering Limits)

Dear students, staff, family members, partners and supporters of College Sport Wellington,

This morning COVID Response (and Education) Minister Chris Hipkins has announced that vaccine passes will no longer be required for inter-school sport.  Most importantly he has also advised that there will be changes to the gathering limits.  As we have noted previously this has been the key issue to resolve, given the restrictive gathering numbers outlined in the COVID Protection Framework, particularly at the Red setting.

While this is very welcome news, we ask that you bear with us, the Ministry of Education and Sport NZ as we work through the ramification of this change in policy.  Clearly there is a lot more detail to work through beyond a press statement.  There are several areas that we need to understand better, in particular how this affects Council run facilities – particularly given our reliance on them for a number of sports.  We also note that Minister Hipkins has advised this change only applies to school sport, and does not extend to club competitions.  This is clearly disappointing for the wider sport network and we hope that this can be addressed in the near future.

Please accept this as a holding note and we hope to provide a more detailed update shortly.

Link to NZ Herald; https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/covid-19-omicron-outbreak-phase-3-as-omicron-cases-top-6000-over-200-in-hospital/VTEEUVL6FG5CJQMBSHNIJZSPTU/

Kind Regards
College Sport Wellington