Frankie a Coup for Wellington High School

Frankie Coup excels in four sports: floorball, football, Waka Ama and athletics. Formerly a cricketer the Year 12 from Wellington High School has refused to let her enthusiasm for sport diminish despite the challenges of Covid.

“I love the sporting culture in Wellington. There’s such vast choice and I love running into so many familiar faces,” Coup said.

With success in four sports Coup is known to many in the region but devotes most of her time to the relatively small code of floorball.

Floorball is a type of floor hockey. Matches are typically played in three twenty-minute periods. The game was invented in Sweden in the late 1960s with international fixtures occurring from 1981 onwards.

Coup was at primary school when she started playing floorball for the Wellington Storm, the only club in the capital at the time. There are now a handful of clubs. She is a defender renowned for her supreme movement, toughness and intelligence.

“Floorball involves five players and a goalie. I’m one of two defenders and my strengths are my movement, dribbling and ability to read play. I train over ten hours a week working on everything from fitness, skill and theory.”

Coup identified her floorball highlight as winning the Wellington Open Under-15 tournament by one goal. Last year she was selected for the New Zealand Under-19 team to contest the World Championships in Sweden which were unfortunately cancelled because of Covid.

Fortunately, a First XI football season was able to be completed last year with Coup a key figure in the Wellington High School team that made the semi-finals of the Onslow Cup. Coup plays centre back and brings the same steadiness and smarts on the football field that she produces on the court of floorball.

“I’m competitive, good in the tackle and not afraid to dribble. We did alright last year. We’ve lost a few of our really good Year 13s but I’m excited about our juniors.”

Coup has been involved in various football academies and will possibly appear for Wellington United in senior football.

When Coup turned up for the javelin at Wellington High athletics day in Year 9 she had little idea what she doing. A basic demonstration from a teacher was all Coup required to let the javelin fly.

“It must have been my cricket arm. It just flew and I really liked it. I won Western Zone and Regionals and went to the North Island championships. I was training with a coach in the winter and would like to do more again sometime.”

Back and knee injuries resulted in Coup abandoning cricket but that allowed her to compete at a Waka Ama Nationals in Rotorua, an experience she “loved.”

Coup admits she has “put her body through a lot” but has become a better listener as a result of her injuries. She warms up and recovers in a more considered and scientific fashion.

She enjoys math’s and harbors ambitions of becoming a mathematical engineer. Her older sister Billy played Senior A netball at Wellington High while her younger brother Vinnie is involved in floorball.