Survey – Girl’s and Women’s Sport Official Experiences

Kia ora,


My name is Trish Bradbury from Massey University. I am the project lead on a research project titled “Girls and Women Referees: Building a Transformative Infrastructure”. Currently little is known about the experiences of girls and women as sport officials. We are very keen to understand the current demographics, aspirations, barriers, and opportunities for girls and women as officials in Aotearoa New Zealand. The research comprises a nationwide survey to NSOs, sport organisations and their membership (RSOs, clubs, girls and women referees, athletes, coaches, parents, etc).


The research questions are:

  • How can girls and women be encouraged and supported to become a sport official?
  • What support mechanisms are required to recruit and retain girls and women as a sport official?

The research objectives are:

  • To identify support mechanisms to enhance the recruitment and retention of girls and women to become a sport official.
  • To identify potential support mechanisms to facilitate girls and women sport official career development pathways.
  • To identify potential support mechanisms (i.e., resource materials/toolboxes) that sport organisations can implement to recruit, retain, educate, and support the training and development of girls and women as sport officials.

We would greatly appreciate it if you could complete our survey via the below survey link / QR code.


As a secondary school sport provider, please share this message and link/QR code with as many girls and women as possible, whether they are currently a sport official or not. They may be keen to become one and their responses would be valuable.


The link to the survey is:


The QR code for the survey is: