Four named in NZ Hockey Under 18 teams

Congratulations to Ruby Baker (Wellington Girls College), Amy Rossiter-Stead (Wairarapa College), Roman Polaczuk (Wellington College) and Oliver Bunny (Wairarapa College) for being named in the NZ Hockey Under 18 teams.

Following the successful Vantage National Under 18 Tournament held in Wellington in early July, Hockey New Zealand have announced the New Zealand U18 Squads for 2019.

The National Under 18 Men’s title was taken out by Canterbury who defeated Central in a close 2-1 final. Canterbury have been rewarded for their performance in the tournament with 10 players being selected into the New Zealand Squad.

Central completed the three-peat behind Kaitlin Cotters impressive goal scoring form, they have been rewarded with 4 players selected into the New Zealand squad.

Please note that Vantage Black Sticks Squad and Development Squad Members have not been selected to these squads.

U18 Men’s Squad 2019

First Name Surname  Age Position Region
Luke Elmes 17 Goalkeeper Central
Reagan Harnell 18 Goalkeeper Auckland
Roman Polaczuk 16 Goalkeeper Capital
Hayden Ganley 16 Goalkeeper Northland
Emcee Olivier 17 Goalkeeper North Harbour
Joshua White 18 Goalkeeper Canterbury
Daniel Woud 17 Defender Auckland
Josh Child 18 Defender Auckland
Etienne Harrington-Watt 18 Defender Canterbury
Luke Alred 16 Defender Midlands
David Bates 17 Defender North Harbour
Scott Cosslett 16 Defender North Harbour
Ethan Booth 18 Defender Southern
Zeke Buschl 16 Defender Southern
Lennox Moss 18 Midfielder Auckland
Josh Irwin 16 Midfielder Auckland
Malcolm Curley 18 Midfielder Auckland
George Baker 17 Midfielder Canterbury
Joe Morrison 17 Midfielder Canterbury
Nick Lidstone 17 Midfielder Canterbury
Oscar Nation 17 Midfielder Canterbury
Tim Sheed 18 Midfielder Canterbury
Sean Findlay 17 Midfielder Central
Patrick Madder 17 Midfielder Central
Isaac Houlbrooke 17 Midfielder North Harbour
Aiden Fraser 17 Midfielder North Harbour
Michael Lambourne 18 Midfielder North Harbour
Adam Banks 17 Midfielder North Harbour
Jacob Soo Choon 17 Midfielder Midlands
Devanand Bhikha 18 Midfielder Southern
Luke Trigg 17 Midfielder Northland
Luke Holmes 16 Striker Auckland
Kervin Guttenbeil 17 Striker Auckland
Lucca Burley 16 Striker Canterbury
Oliver Bunny 18 Striker Capital
Hayden Cox 18 Striker Canterbury
Harrison Darling 17 Striker Canterbury
Olly Chambers 16 Striker North Harbour
James Nicolson 16 Striker Southern

U18 Women’s Squads

First Name Surname Age Position Region
Nat Austin 18 Goalkeeper Canterbury
Brodie Cochrane 15 Goalkeeper Northland
Pippa Croft 16 Goalkeeper Northland
Alice Mcilroy-Foster 17 Goalkeeper Auckland
Amy Rossiter-Stead 17 Goalkeeper Capital
Hannah Stewart 17 Defender Auckland
Emily Baker 18 Defender Canterbury
Anneke Calder 17 Defender Canterbury
Rosanna Bedford 17 Defender Midlands
Leah Hodges 17 Defender Midlands
Bridie McCullough 18 Defender North Harbour
Orla Thompson 18 Defender North Harbour
Tiana Currie 18 Defender Northland
Lucy Bannatyne 16 Midfielder Auckland
Tessa Reid 15 Midfielder Canterbury
Brittany Wang 17 Midfielder Canterbury
Rebecca Baker 17 Midfielder Central
Rileigh Knapp 18 Midfielder Central
Jaimee Eades 16 Midfielder Midlands
Emilie Logan 17 Midfielder Midlands
Sharnae Taylor 18 Midfielder Midlands
Alysha Donovan 16 Midfielder Northland
Sara Cooper 18 Midfielder Southern
Breana Catley 18 Striker Auckland
Bella Ambrosius 18 Striker Canterbury
Anoushka Chiswell 17 Striker Canterbury
Ruby Evans 18 Striker Canterbury
Francesca Williamson 17 Striker Canterbury
Jess Kelly 18 Striker Capital
Ruby Baker 16 Striker Capital
Hannah Cotter 16 Striker Central
Maddie Harris 17 Striker Central
Madeline Fleming 18 Striker Midlands
Nicole Pilkington 17 Striker North Harbour
Sophie Hildesley 17 Striker North Harbour