Results – 2019 CSW Squash Championships

2019 CSW Squash Open winners – Charlotte Galloway (HVHS) and Hunter Wyeth (Rathkeale). Photo Credit: HVHS

Results from the 2019 College Sport Wellington Squash Championships

Boys Competitive 1
Winner – Hunter Wyeth Rathkeale College
Runner Up – Makaia Sutton Wairarapa College
Boys Competitive 2
Winner – Jack Burrell St Patrick’s College-SS
Runner Up – Shaun Thomas St Patrick’s College-SS
Boys Rookie
Winner – Philip Kananghinis Upper Hutt College
Runner Up – Henry Thoms St Patrick’s College-Town
Girls Competitive 1
Winner – Charlotte Galloway Hutt Valley High School
Runner Up – Dora Galloway Hutt Valley High School
Girls Rookie 1
Winner – Olivia Anstis Wairarapa College
Runner Up – Sophia DeNardi-Gonzalez St Orans College
Girls Rookie 2
Winner – Jordyn Hammond Upper Hutt College
Runner Up – Zara Field St Orans College