COVID – 19 Update

Dear Stakeholders,

Today, College Sport Wellington has been reflecting upon the announcements made by various national sporting bodies, and has been in discussions with the remaining summer sport RSO’s.  From CSW’s perspective, it is important that we support our partner sports organisations by ensuring consistent messaging is delivered to our stakeholders.  Furthermore, we are conscious that your students may be playing several different sports and potentially receiving mixed signals on whether it is appropriate to keep playing.  Lastly, we are also aware that the Government is likely to announce tighter restrictions in the coming days.

To that end, College Sport Wellington advises that all Term One events will be suspended as of tomorrow morning (Thursday, 19 March).  This decision is made with the knowledge that in all likelihood, these competitions will not be resumed.  Over the next few days, the CSW Sport Managers will work through the process of closing these competitions down and we ask for your patience and assistance in doing so.

Looking ahead to the winter season, the recent NSO announcement about delayed start dates sees the CSW calendar now largely in sync with club competitions.  At this point in time, we won’t be making any decision about deferring the winter season but will begin assessing from next week, as more information Ministry of Health information becomes available.  In terms of the directive by some NSO’s to cancel trainings and trials, CSW’s position is that this is ultimately a decision for the schools to make, and they will need to base that on the best advice available to them.

Thank you all for your hard work and patience as we work through these issues.  We wish you all the best over the coming weeks and hope that you stay well.