Sporting students staying motivated during Lockdown (Part 3)

What does the lockdown mean for sporting students? How has it affected them and what are they doing to stay fit and motivated?

Two more local sports students are Toby Cook (Wellington College), who spent the summer preparing to travel with his school’s rugby party to Argentina and Jacob Madigan (St Patrick’s College, Kilbirnie) who was winding up his summer sport and about to start his winter code.

We asked them what they are doing during lockdown:

Jacob Madigan in action for St Patricks Kilbirnie (Photo by Hamish Wareham)

College Sport Wellington: Please tell us what you were preparing for before the Lockdown?

Toby: As I was a part of the Wellington College touring rugby squad to Argentina, 30 of us boys had been training pretty hard from the end of last year. Although three weeks before the lockdown started we were informed the trip had been cancelled, we then shifted our focus to training for the regular season which is also currently at a standstill.

Jacob: I was involved with the St Pats First XI cricket team and we were nearing the end of the season with only one game left plus a T20 tournament during summer tournament week. On that same weekend we had our first preseason First XI football games up in Palmerston North, which got cancelled

CSW: what you are doing to keep fit and train?

Toby: Our coaches and trainers from school have been great in sending out information so you can train no matter what equipment you have. My sister was also able to bring home an erg which is a welcome change from running. As well as trying to get a session in each day I’m also trying to keep up my basic skills.

Jacob: Our football coach gave us a programme to do over the lockdown period which means hopefully we can be fit going into the season. I have also been doing some technical work for football and cricket in my back garden and at the park.

CSW: Please share a lockdown sports practice or training tip for your school mates and others out there in the same situation?

Toby: I normally try to complete my training in the morning as I find it gets it out of the way and sets you up for the rest of the day. Another thing I’ve found helpful is our trainer turned our sessions into a competition and we have to record and send in our training and time which keeps us accountable.

Jacob: Keep doing something relating to your sport. It is hard in these times to keep motivated when you can’t actually go and train and play but if you keep doing fitness or technical work, then you will be good to go when the season comes. Also track your times of what you are doing and compare them to a friend and see who can do better as a bit of motivation.

CSW: Are you in contact with your sporting friends about the above and are you motivating each other remotely?

Toby: As above, the majority of the squad have been videoing and sending through their workouts to our chat. This has been great as it allows us to see what everyone else is doing to motivate each other, the videos also keep us accountable for the work we are doing.

Jacob: Yes, I’ve been talking to the boys about how they are going and a few of them send me daily photos of them doing the exercises. I have also been talking to friends outside of school who are doing their own fitness work just to see what they are doing and how they are going.

-Story courtesy of College Sport Media