Coaching Workshop for School Staff (and volunteers)

Following on from last year’s successful pilot, College Sport Wellington and Nuku Ora are pleased to advise we will again be offering a one-day coaching workshop for school staff during NCEA exams (also open to volunteers if they can get time off).

This year’s Workshop will have a focus on the ‘Balance is Better’ philosophy and exploring what it could look like in action.  The content will include:

  • Coaching for Character – a strengths based approach to developing the people you coach
  • Designing and creating a great team environment

Please see HERE for more information on the Balance is Better philosophy.

This year the workshop will be held at the Ricoh Sports Centre, Fraser Park, from 9am till 2:30pm on Tuesday, 30 November.

Please pass on to your respective networks, and registrations for the workshop can be completed through EnterNow (entries are open until 22 November).

Thanks all in advance and feel free to contact us if you have any questions: