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College Sport Wellington, in collaboration with Victory Up and Riot Games, are proud to bring you the Wellington Secondary School League (WSSL) - the very first esports Secondary School League in the region, launching with League of Legends.  The WSSL is sanctioned by the national esports body New Zealand Esports Federation (NZeSF).

After running a successful pilot competition in term 2, the term 3 will look to amp things up, with the possibility of having live venues similar to what you see on TV.  So grab your school mates and get involved.

Esport FAQs

League of Legends is a co-operative five-a-side team game, in which students play against another team. Like traditional team sports like football, netball and rugby, League of Legends is an invasive game that ebbs and flows with the state of play.

The WSSL gives students a chance to represent their school, while developing skills such as teamwork, cooperation, and problem solving, all while having fun in a competitive environment.

Check out this link on why eGames should be offered to our rangatahi (youth) in schools:
You need five students from your school to take part. You can have up to a maximum of seven in a team, so you can makes subs between rounds of a game.
There will be one match against another team every Wednesday at 4pm for four weeks. You may also want to have some team practices, which includes some non-screen time. If you would like more ideas, check out the Victory Up session plan resources (coming soon).
Each team needs five computers to play, and a stable internet connection.  Check out the Minimum specs to run League of Legends

Each student must have a registered League of Legends / Riot account.

For more technical information, check out the game developers website:
The game developer Riot provides 'Learn with League' which is an educational initiative and framework to support young people in their digital journeys, and the caregivers who support them.

It comprises a set of teaching materials, workshops and educator training programs. Check out all the resources here:

Victory Up have also created resource package for schools to use, including Training for Victory resource manual (coming soon). This resource aims to engage and motivate students with a unique educational experience, providing exposure to the same opportunities available in organised team sport, built on three core values; Health & Wellbeing, Sportsmanship and Skills development.

Case study of League of Legends in Schools

How to play: League of Legends