NZ Reps 2019

New Zealand Representatives and Title Holders

This category recognises those students who in the period November 2018 ‐ October 2019 were:

  • Any NZ School, Age Group or Open Individual Champion/Titleholder or member of a Championship winning team
  • Any NZ School, Age Group or Open representative selected in a national team

Please note: This excludes Tournament teams, Emerging or B National teams and National Development Squads. If there is doubt please consult with College Sport.

Elizabeth HEWITT Chitlon St James
Elle KANE Chitlon St James
Elizabeth HANARAY Hutt Valley High School
Ryan AWATERE Aotea College
Toby DEVINE Aotea College
Jaydn ROBSON Aotea College
Carter LOWTHER Hutt International Boys' School
Aidan CHRISTIANS Scots College
Jonah CHRISTIANS Scots College
Douglas MCJORROW Scots College
Benjamin ROFF Scots College
William ROFF Scots College
Jenson YOUNG Paraparaumu College
Athletes with a Disability
Corran HANNING Wellington College
Edward OSEI-NKETIA Scots College
Isaac OLIVE St Patrick's College, Town
Kirstie RAE Wellington East Girls' College
Caleb TAYLOR Hutt Valley High School
Rikihana LOVE Mana College
Sage SHAW-TAIT Scots College
Rangi TAWERA Queen Margaret College
Evyatar TABOR Rongotai College
Tafara GAPARE Scots College
Ezekiel STALLWORTH Scots College
Ben GOLD Tawa College
Ruben FA'APO Aotea College
Sacha HIBBERD Paraparaumu College
Meredith BUTCHER Chitlon St James
David SHEPPARD Hutt Valley High School
Phoebe KENDERDINE Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Jaymie TERVOORT Wellington East Girls' College
Lachlan BAILEY Hutt International Boys' School
Henry BEARE Hutt International Boys' School
Nathan EDMONDS Hutt International Boys' School
Lucas JELLEY Hutt International Boys' School
Martin LAZENBY Hutt International Boys' School
Daniel MAKOWEM Hutt International Boys' School
William SPICE Hutt International Boys' School
Siva SRIRAM Hutt International Boys' School
Jacob SUTHERLAND Hutt International Boys' School
Harry WALL Hutt International Boys' School
Samuel WILLIAMSON Hutt International Boys' School
Archie WILSON Hutt International Boys' School
Benjamin WILSON Hutt International Boys' School
Ryan JACKSON St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Micah CONROY Tawa College
Cross Country / Road Race
Finn SEEDS Hutt International Boys' School
William ANTHONY Scots College
Edie KOZYNIAK St Catherine's College
Esther KOZYNIAK St Catherine's College
Finbar CHESNEY St Patrick's College, Town
Liam WRIGHT Tawa College
Carrick CRAFTS Wellington College
Finlay HAGEN Wellington College
Josh HAGEN Wellington College
Jack JULIAN Wellington College
Alex MARTIN Wellington College
Thomas WHITE Wellington College
Maali KYLE-FORD Wellington East Girls' College
Kirstie RAE Wellington East Girls' College
Samuel HARMAN Heretaunga College
Cory HORNE Taita College
Arno LEE Onslow College
William THOMPSON Scots College
Imogen BEARD Wellington East Girls' College
Liberty MCINTYRE-REET Wellington High School
Emily JONES Hutt Valley High School
Rosa ELLINGHAM Newlands College
Jasmyn RODRIGUEZ Paraparaumu College
Danielle SCHWABE Paraparaumu College
Thomas HOSKIN Wellington College
Sophia TWEDDLE Wellington East Girls' College
Josh JAMES Wellington High School
Harmony HUNTER Aotea College
Liam ABEL Heretaunga College
Camryn JOHNSON Heretaunga College
Liam FISHER Rongotai College
Jackson LEWIS Rongotai College
Louis SCOTT Rongotai College
Alec STEWART Rongotai College
Rachel BERTSCHINGER Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Russell HIRST Scots College
Jesse MORGAN Scots College
Darren PATRICK Scots College
Dylan TESORIERO-SMITH St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Sam ELKIN Wellington College
Joshua ELKIN Wellington College
Josh GALT Wellington College
Benson MORLEY-HALL Wellington College
Shaam RAVJI Wellington College
Jack RICHARDS Wellington College
Theo RICHARDSON Wellington College
Ole RIGBY Wellington College
Parbhu SAILISH Wellington College
Parag SASHIN Wellington College
Prema SHIVAAN Wellington College
Hannah BERTSCHINGER Wellington East Girls' College
Sophie LEE-WUTZLER Wellington East Girls' College
Maya HATCHWELL Wellington Girls' College
Kristina SUNDIN Wellington High School
Ben WAINE Hutt International Boys' School
Genevieve BERRY Hutt Valley High School
Lewis DEERY Hutt Valley High School
Ariana GRAY Hutt Valley High School
Lea PUMMER Hutt Valley High School
Molly SIMONS Paraparaumu College
Hannah STROUD Paraparaumu College
Jack COBDEN-COX Rongotai College
Jesse RANDALL Rongotai College
Olivia GIBBS Sacred Heart College (Wgtn)
Caelin PATTERSON Sacred Heart College (Wgtn)
Adam HILLIS Scots College
Joseph LEE Scots College
Kris NAICKER Scots College
Finn O'CONNOR Scots College
Benjamin OLD Scots College
Alexander PAULSEN Scots College
Oskar VAN HATTUM Scots College
Zoe BARROTT St Mary's College
Danielle OHLSSON St Mary's College
Kelsey WILKINSON St Mary's College
Marko STAMENIC St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Sean BRIGHT Tawa College
Otto INGHAM Tawa College
Henry HAMILTON Wellington College
Natalie OLSON Wellington East Girls' College
Charlotte WILFORD-CARROLL Wellington Girls' College
Darae CHUNG Chilton
Jayden FORD St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Logan CURTIS Hutt Valley High School
Sarah JENNINGS Wellington Girls' College
Emmilyn STEVENS Wellington Girls' College
Brenna AKAVI Paraparaumu College
Max BROOKES Scots College
Edmund CHRISP Scots College
Stefanos HILLS Scots College
William SMITH Scots College
Kiara-Leigh DAVIDSON-KOREWHA St Mary's College
Tesara-Rose FALEAFAGA St Mary's College
Eleminoti PAASI St Mary's College
Mercy-Lea TEKII-LILO St Mary's College
Paris TUIMASEVE-FOX St Mary's College
Clare TUTUILA St Mary's College
Valini VAKA St Mary's College
Waimarie WESTON St Mary's College
Aneko WINITANA St Mary's College
William O'CONNOR St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Metiria-Hinekorangi DOYLE Wellington East Girls' College
Tawhirikura DOYLE Wellington East Girls' College
Faith HEWITSON Wellington East Girls' College
Ella AMOS Wellington Girls' College
Kristina HAMES Wellington Girls' College
Maia KAREPA Aotea College
Asha O'GORMAN Aotea College
Ariana DAVIS Paraparaumu College
Bria FITZGERALD Paraparaumu College
Mandy YEO Paraparaumu College
Roman POLACZUK Wellington College
Ruby BAKER Wellington Girls' College
Indoor Bowls
Jordan KEENE Onslow College
Indoor Cricket
Lachlan BAILEY Hutt International Boys' School
Jack GASKIN Hutt International Boys' School
Hannah KELLS Hutt Valley High School
Matthew NEL Newlands College
Xara JETLY Queen Margaret College
Ryan JACKSON St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Matthew SCOBLE St Patrick's College, Town
Micah CONROY Tawa College
Kate FENTON Tawa College
Indoor Netball
Lauren SMITH Newlands College
Rachel PRICE St Catherine's College
Terehei TAMARIKI Upper Hutt College
Inline Hockey
Jonathan HIGHAM St Patrick's College, Silverstream
George ANDERSON St Patrick's College, Town
Freddie Jr ESPINOSA Paraparaumu College
Elijah MAREKO Aotea College
Ryan WOOD Hutt International Boys' School
Lilly FU Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Multi Sport
Tom GIBBS Aotea College
Ryan TAIT Aotea College
Lauren SMITH Newlands College
Paris LOKOTUI Queen Margaret College
Rachel ALBISTON Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Grace MASSEURS Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Charlotte STROWGER-TURNOCK Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Saviour TUI St Mary's College
Felix WILLIAMSON Wellington College
Jemma ALLWOOD Hutt Valley High School
Gemma BENNION Hutt Valley High School
Zoey KUNG Hutt Valley High School
Rylee TAFA Hutt Valley High School
Rugby Union
Roderick SOLO Scots College
Mia WELSH-DUFFIN Taita College
Skating (Artistic)
Katie HAWLEY Heretaunga College
Jessie PITIROI Heretaunga College
Victoria EDWARDS Upper Hutt College
Skating (Roller/Inline)
Hadley BEECH Hutt Valley High School
Blane WATSON Otaki College
Riley TIBBITTS Aotea College
Caleb TAYLOR Hutt Valley High School
Luca MOLLINSON Kapiti College
Tamati GRANT Newlands College
Kyan MILL-CAMERON Newlands College
Ruby BAXTER Paraparaumu College
Ciaran BOLGER Rongotai College
Dylan JACKSON Rongotai College
Rylee WATT St Oran's College
Jackson TAURARII St Patrick's College, Town
Sierra TAI Upper Hutt College
Beyonce REHUTAI Wellington East Girls' College
Joshua BIRD Onslow College
Oliver DUNBAR Scots College
Kobe FLEMING Hutt International Boys' School
Campbell WEBSTER Hutt International Boys' School
Surf Lifesaving
Grace MELLSOP Queen Margaret College
Pippa NICOL Queen Margaret College
Tamrah TITCOMBE Queen Margaret College
William LAMBIE Scots College
Gabrielle BARNETT-BATES St Catherine's College
Loredana UNSWORTH St Catherine's College
Jules APPLEBY St Patrick's College, Town
Finbar CHESNEY St Patrick's College, Town
Atakura JULIAN Wellington College
Hannah HURIA Kapiti College
Damien DOYLE Otaki College
Bronson LLOYD Paraparaumu College
Sam BROWN Rongotai College
Joseph STEWART Scots College
Joel CRAMPTON Tawa College
Jenna ROLSTON-LARKING Tawa College
Orlando CRISTOBAL-MANDEL Wellington College
Atakura JULIAN Wellington College
Table Tennis
Hui Ling VONG Onslow College
Michelle DANG St Catherine's College
Georgia VOGT Wellington East Girls' College
Ten Pin Bowling
William PETTIT Hutt International Boys' School
Ryan CARTER Hutt International Boys' School
George STOUP Hutt International Boys' School
Patrick JOSS Paraparaumu College
Ivy MCLEAN Queen Margaret College
Jade OTWAY Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Thomas DAI Wellington College
Josh MATAGI Hutt Valley High School
Bridget FORSYTH Hutt Valley High School
Jonathan KING Onslow College
Underwater Hockey
Kathryn DAVIES Hutt Valley High School
Zoe HOUSTON Hutt Valley High School
Charlotte WILSON Hutt Valley High School
Charlotte CINQUE Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Holly DIXON Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Emma EGLEY Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Tiffany KENYON Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Catherine ROMBEL Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Mila SMITH Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Jade STAPLETON Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Petra CLARKSON Wellington East Girls' College
Belle BURDON Wellington Girls' College
Maia CAMERON Wellington Girls' College
Emelita LEOTA Bishop Viard College
Molly CHOTE St Catherine's College
Sophia HIGGS St Catherine's College
Paige WILSON St Catherine's College
Linda SKELTON-CHONGNEE St Mary's College
Masina TAUALII St Mary's College
Fetala'i LELEIMALEFAGA St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Roger SAUILA St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Pati FA'ANOI St Patrick's College, Town
Jerome TAFILI Taita College
Water Polo
Thomas POU St Patrick's College, Town
Water Skiing
Emma MCKENZIE Kapiti College
Jack SILVER Hutt International Boys' School
Amy HARVEY-GREEN Samuel Marsden Collegiate
Jaime HOWDEN Newlands College
Toby CROSBY St Patrick's College, Silverstream
Jackson SARGENT St Patrick's College, Silverstream